Vendor Guidelines

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Product Page Standard

Maintaining your Product Page

To make continuously appealing to its customer base, it is essential that we maintain a high standard of our products and how they are presented.

Your products and their imagery, description and store pages must adhere to the brand and design guidelines, and they should be regularly be reviewed to ensure that they are of the highest standards. If you are unsure or if you need assistance in this regard, please contact ArtyHippos admin

Product imagery is key to attracting customers to your products and pages. Whilst we don’t expect each vendor to invest in photographic equipment, we expect that all photographic imagery is to be bright, simple, and draws the customer into the product.

We authorise all new products being posted to your store, and regularly review vendor store pages, and we reserve the right to suspend any store/products that do not meet the required standards.

further details can be found in the Terms & Conditions

Customer Communication

Communicating with Customers

Due to current legislation and customer preferences, you are not to communicate direct with customers, unless to discuss an ongoing order. Our customers are registered clients of and not of your store. Contacting customers directly is a breach of current Privacy Legislation.

  • You are not to include you website or email address on any correspondance with our customers.
  • contact information and branding must be included on any correspondence with our customers.
  • You are not to send catalogs, promotions, or any other communication direct to ArtyHippo registered customers.

ArtyHippo does have a team of mystery shoppers that will be performing routine checks on communication processes. Failure to comply with the current legislation and ArtyHippo terms and conditions may result in your store being removed from the marketplace.

Further details can be found in the Terms & Conditions

Order Processing

Processing Orders

Your proficiency to process your orders is key to the success of the platform and your store, Excellent order processing is key to repeat custom and high levels of service.

It s essential that you check your CMS / email for new orders and process them in a speedy and efficient manner. Promised dispatch dates must be adhered to as failure to deliver a customers order will have a detrimental effect on our Word Of Mouth marketing.

If there are any problems with an order, you must contact the customer to let them know as soon as possibleAlthough delays in delivery are not deemed to be good, it is worse not to communicate irate any delays.

Only when an order has been collected and dispatched must it be updated on the CMS to trigger the customers email of the process status. This is essential in ensuring that we meet the customers expectations.

Where orders can only be completed with customer input i.e. engraving details, picture approval etc. then a daily email reminder should be sent to the customer  to ensure that the order is delivered on time.

Further details can be found in the Terms & Conditions

Self Sufficient is key

Using the CMS Independently

The CMS is your most important tool. It is the platform for you to advertise your products to the ArtyHippo customer base.

Through the CMS you have the toolset to manage your business with and we encouraged you to be as self-sufficient as possible. Whilst we will assist you in situations where you are unable to find the relevant information or advice on the CMS, we don’t provide a dedicated account product management service.

Due to this, we are unable to accept incoming phone calls from Partners. All correspondence with must instead be made through the discussion forum on the CMS. This also ensures that we have a written record of any issues or concerns raised.

ArtyHippo will send you any urgent communication and reminders through the CMS.

For further information about the CMS and its usage policy, please refer to the vendor terms and conditions.


Promotions and Coupons reserves the right to run 4 promotional periods throughout the calendar year, we will aim to run these promotions at key retail times of the year; Black Friday, January, Summer etc.

These promotions will be either Free Delivery, Price Discounts or both in nature. These promotional periods will be funded by the vendor, in which ArtyHippo will also suffer a commission reduction. You are not obliged to take part in the promotional periods and can opt out by taking their store off-line during the sale period.

You also have the ability to run discount periods on products or delivery through your CMS. If you wish to have further marketing on these products through the homepage, email marketing or social media, please inform ArtyHippo and we will endeavour to promote your sale items.You can also create redeemable coupon codes for your store/products. However, as stated in our T&C’s you are not to contact customers direct, as this would be a breach of the current privacy legislations.

You can review our promotions policy further in the T&C’s section.


Marketing – The do’s and don’ts will provide marketing of the whole website, and we will promote individual products by request from vendors (subject to demand). Along with social media and paid marketing, we will use email marketing to a subscribed user base, this user base is classed as ArtyHippos’s customer base and must not be contacted directly by the vendor as this is a breach of current privacy legislation.

Please also refrain from sending any promotional material on dispatch. Not only do customers not appreciate being bombarded with promotional material, but you are confusing the customer by doing this and damaging the entire experience for them, and yourself.

Unfortunately, we will have to immediately de-activate any partner found to be promoting their business to our customers.

Vendors are requested to promote their ArtyHippo store through their social media platforms when promoting sales.

Please refer to our terms and conditions for more detail